Computer Aided Manufacturing

CAM is the use of software and computer-controlled machinery to automate a manufacturing process. Used by engineers, architects, and construction managers It helps users creating designs in either 2D or 3D so that they can visualize the construction. Are you still working with a pencil and paper? Try us : Genisysoses.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is an umbrella term for a broad range of underlying technologies and services. The Internet of Things essentially enables us to connect ‘things’ to the Internet. And we, at Genisysoses too believe in the power of networking and are always ready to connect with the world in the hope of learning, developing, and integrating.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

CAD enables the modification, development and helps in the optimization of the design process. With the changing times of technology, CAD helps in making lives easier. Specialization: Since there is CAD software for almost every sector with specialized features and tools it is very easy to make user-specific specializations.


Robotics integrates fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, information engineering, mechatronics, electronics, bioengineering, computer engineering, control engineering, software engineering, among others. At Genisysoses, you will be exposed to real-world examples of how robots can be applied in disaster situations, how they have made advances in human health care, and what their future capabilities could be.



Till 2025, we aim to make our products reach every door of our community and that, there shouldn’t be any inequality around us. We strive to be an organization that is accessible to everyone and provides them with exceptional services.



Realizing the full potential of the technology, we intend to create affordable applications for all the now and future generations around the globe.


The workspace of Genisysoses believes in creative, organized, and systematic work. We do whatever it takes to make the dream of customers a reality and thus deliver quality services and products.


In Genisysoses, we believe innovations increase the chances to react to the changes around and discover new opportunities. We foster a competitive advantage by building and innovating better products and services for our customers.


Who are we?

We, a team of people from different working backgrounds, colleges and places, came together to bring out the Iron Man inside of us and make this dream come true of making a real-life exo-suit. It started as a hobby but, as we kept researching, we came to realise that we can do more than just a hobby here. We can help a lot of people with this suit and most importantly, we can help our heroes (soldiers, firefighters and disaster management teams).

We started this journey in 2020, just before the entire world got locked down with nothing more than just a design and tried to figure out solutions to challenging aspects like what will be the best solution to lift heavy weights without actually building a heavy body, and how to make the power management system work efficiently without the Iron Man’s arc reactor!

Fast forward, here we are with some of our best works to date.

Anubhav Singh, one of our team members, is training our Robo on how to adore a nice reader like you.


Meet Radha – a traditional Indian Robo who was designed to carry out all the religious rituals of a temple.

I asked Radha out on a date and this was her reply:
She is a little shy, you know.

Some of our more works.



AI-based self-driving

AI-based self-driving
You might wanna explore more of such designs by clicking here.

What are we planning to make?

We are working on a really nice exoskeleton suit named Kaumodaki. Kaumodaki is derived from the Sanskrit word which is the name of a mace that Lord Vishnu holds.
Kaumodaki – An ExoSkeleton Suit.
Kaumodaki is a load assistance device meant to be worn by workers in order to increase their capability in load lifting and transportation. The design we have here can lift up to 150 kgs of weight with the help of linear actuators.

We also suggest visiting below link for a proper 3d view of the design. https://genisysoses.com/index.php/kaumodaki/
The elements we are using are 7068 Aluminium alloy and carbon fibre.
We are planning to make it strong but lightweight.
As of now, the suit weighs around 3.3 kg without any electronic components. With the electric components, we predict it’ll weigh around 20-25 kgs.
We will be using linear actuators, a simple motor driver, a microcontroller and a battery.
We cannot explain everything here right now as the product is still in the prototype stage but hey do not worry good thing comes to those who wait.
We tested with our prototype which was working at 10% of its total efficiency.


The above parts were 3D printed and the material that was used was onyx.
We have even patented our technology with the name Industrial Load lifting robotic arm exosuit.


Where did this project come from?

The idea totally came from movies like iron man. But according to us the things that were shown in iron man was not that realistic so we did some research and found that people are testing things with an exoskeleton and we can make our own and maybe even better than them.
The first design of our exoskeleton was able to fly 150 kg. The aerodynamics we were using was of an octocopter drone. But the drawback was that it was only able to fly for 15-20 minutes. Power was always an issue in this suit.
But we are planning to make it fly in the future as we need lot’s of resources for testing. Right now we will stick with the ground one.
What’s our plan, and what’s our schedule?
We are planning to professionally launch this project in the market. In the beginning, it will be a B2B product and we will be targeting markets like Oil, gas, aviation, e-commerce military and various government Industries.
The suit can lift heavyweights and will not feel on the body of the pilot as all the weights will be distributed with the help of all the hydraulics in the suit and will go down on the ground. This will result in almost no fatigue to the wearer.
This will double the amount of work done and also half the labour cost daily. We can save a lot of money for our customers.
After a successful launch in these markets, we will expand and will plan to make this product B2C in the future.

Our Timeline

(We are expecting that this phase will begin in the middle of 2022 or at the end of 2022) In the first phase, we will totally be working on various 3D designs to see which design will be okay with our product application. This part will be of a maximum of 6 months or less.
In the second phase we will be testing the product for safety and after that will give it for free to our targeted market for trial and testing. We will even include third party companies for help. This part will be of a maximum of 6 months or less.
In the third phase, we will dedicate most of the time to marketing in various countries. By either attending Expos or giving few products to targeted market for further trial. WE assume that This part will be of a maximum of 6 months or less as well.
We want to take 3 months more to remove any error in the product. And this will be considered as the 4th phase. The legalities for the product like asking permission from the government and patents will be done in parallel in the first and second phases. We are taking extra time in every phase in case of an emergency.
And are targeting 2025 Jan 1 for the official launch of this product.

What’s our budget?

Our budget is simple but it’s a little expensive and that’s why We promise to dedicate ourselves to delivering a product up to the mark.


Why do we care about this project so much?

We believe that in our day to day life people have to go through lots of things and there are problems everywhere. Great people come up with ideas and products to solve them and there’s no ending to this cycle. Buddha has said that problems will exist as long as there will be humanity the better we can do is either ignore them and start living with them or solve them. Entrepreneurs all over the world are trying to do so. As Steve Jobs has quoted that people who truly believe that they can change the world are the ones who do. We want to do our part in improving humanity even if we can solve 1% of the problem with this we will believe we have given value to our life and had played our part as everyone is here for a reason we believe this is ours. We want to see humanity prosper.
Any kind of help is welcome. Even if you cannot help us financially no worries we welcome even the tiniest feedbacks as it will help us grow.

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