Industrial Load Lifting Robotic Arm Exosuit is a load assistance device meant to be worn by workers in order to increase
their capability in load lifting and transportation. The exosuit comprises a pair of detachable arms set and a central sleeveless
jacket suit which when clubbed together performs a synchronized function of weight lifting. The arm is a combination of the sensor-equipped glove, a high sensitivity motorized mechanism and a programmable control unit. The jacket is the power unit for both the arms with zip tie connectors for the arms to enable detachable function and an electronic cable to connect the arms
with the power source. The design of the exosuit offers uniform force distribution throughout the arm and shoulder muscles with built-in joint and spine protection. The invention provides guided assistance to lift heavy weights with natural motions.



Size: Wearable 1600mm
Weight:  21Kg
Power: Li-po Battery
Operation Time: 6 hours
Function:  Walking, running, climbing, down squats, hold and lift objects up to  300 kg
Working environment
: High-rise fire.

Our technology is Patented

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